Andy Philippou
Head of Operations


Meet Andy Philippou, Head of Operations

Why I work for Seismic:

Seismic is a growing business made up of a brilliant, talented team of genuinely great people with a shared vision and mission on helping businesses become a force for good. To be part of that is an incredible privilege.

My experience:

For over 10 years I have been within Operations leadership roles in both large and small professional firms covering all aspects of internal operations.

Some companies I’ve worked with:

Atos, Capgemini, Market Gravity, Deloitte MCS, vTogether

A seismic change I’d like to see in the future:

That everyone across the world, not just those in corporate environments realise that we all need to do our bit to create positive change in the world and actually each do something to make that happen.

Where I like to be:

At home with my family, by the sea, in a good food market, or in a Karate dojo are my happy places.