Georgie Walker
Senior Sustainability Analyst

Georgie Walker headshot

Why I work for Seismic:

I want to have the greatest positive impact that I can on people and the planet during my lifetime, being part of something bigger than myself. Working for Seismic gives me the unique opportunity to do so every single day alongside an incredibly talented, inspiring, kind
and fun group of individuals!

My experience:

After completing my undergraduate degree in the United States as a Division 1 student-athlete, I pursued a Masters in Environmental Policy at the University of Cambridge. Having just graduated, I am excited to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired to my
professional career.

Some companies I’ve worked with:

The Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities, Bloom & Wild, KatKin, Ellipse Data Ltd. – and numerous British fashion retailers for my Masters dissertation research.

A seismic change I’d like to see in the future:

A world where all businesses have become simply more human – they have a purpose beyond profit, creating value for all stakeholders, addressing the needs and challenges of society, and shaping a more sustainable and prosperous world so that future generations can thrive.

Where I like to be:

I love spending my time doing something active – playing tennis, running, learning a new sport, or even just going out for a walk in the countryside. I also really enjoy travelling, cooking, and spending lots of time with my friends and family.