Jessica O’Neill
Operations Associate

Jessica O'Neill → Operations Associate

Why I work for Seismic:

I believe Seismic is spearheading a movement that is incredibly valuable and impossible to ignore. Helping business become a force for good not only helps our clients but the planet and its people as well. And this huge impactful mission is in addition to the team being some of the kindest and most intelligent people I’ve ever worked with!

My experience:

After graduating from the London School of Economics with a MSc in International and Social Public Policy, I leveraged my new skills, at an economic consultancy, to help our clients become thought leaders in ESG fields. I now work at Seismic helping drive forward this powerful force for good!

Some companies I’ve worked for:

Accenture, EY, YouTube, SAP, The Economist and LSE

A seismic change I’d like to see in the future:

Legislation and policy put in place to encourage both businesses and consumers to act more sustainably and climate friendly.

Where I like to be:

Anywhere outdoors! In London you can often see me rambling around Hampstead Heath or Kew Gardens but if it’s bad weather you can find me in a bookshop.