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Improve your company’s impact on society and the planet: choose Seismic as your sustainability partner.

“One of the great benefits of working with Seismic is their depth of knowledge and ability to help you to understand exactly what the B Impact Assessment is asking for and how this translates to your business.”

— Yasha Estraikh, Associate Partner at Piper Private Equity


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Are You Ready To B Corp?

Are You Ready To B Corp?

The B Corp movement is rapidly growing, with 7,000+ businesses globally and 1,500+ of those in the UK, plus 240,000+ businesses using the framework...

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of studies show sound sustainability standards lower company costs

Oxford University and Arabesque Partners


of people care about the company, not just the product when making a purchasing decision



of studies show stock price performance is positively influenced by good sustainability practices

Oxford University and Arabesque Partners

Seismic have always approached every work-stream with a collaborative, flexible and zestful attitude. We feel our ambitious targets for sustainability and connecting people with nature have been greatly helped thanks to our work with Seismic. We have loved working with them and believe them to be the confident change agents required to help the industry evolve for the better.

— Ed Procter, Brand Ambassador at Seedlip