Seismic will help your business improve its positive impact

We’re helping transform the business community into a force for good: join us in the shift.

Our B Corp, Net Zero and ESG expertise will help you achieve your sustainability goals. We understand the challenges you face – we’ve been there – and we’ll be your partner for change.

We will use our knowledge and continued research to plan your route to B Corp and Net Zero status. All our services offer support with focus on continuous improvement.

B Corp Certification with our B Leaders

B Corp
  • B Corp certified businesses are responsible businesses. When making decisions, they consider the impact on their employees, their community and the environment.
  • Seismic will get to know your business and its practices: we’ll use our in depth understanding of the B Impact Assessment (BIA) and its requirements to find out where your business lies on the B Corp spectrum and how you can achieve B Corp certification.
  • As your partner, our experts will help you figure out what B Corp means for your company and how you can approach it in a meaningful and impactful way.
  • 100% of our clients that have been through the verification process have certified or recertified as B Corps on their first attempt.

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Commit to Net Zero with Seismic

Net Zero
  • Net Zero businesses achieve an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere, reducing any negative impact on the planet.
  • Seismic will build the business case for Net Zero in line with your business strategy.
  • We will work out what a Net Zero pathway means for your business, defining timeline, scope and boundary.
  • We will develop an action plan to enable your business to transition from your current levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to Net Zero.

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Sustainability Strategy and Implementation

  • Seismic will help you set your sustainability strategy and goals and embed these into your business.
  • We will work with you to understand the needs and desires of your business, your sector and stakeholders, and will build a roadmap for improvement.
  • We will help you embed this into your organisation and support you to achieve your business goals across a broad range of sustainability topics.

Set your sustainability strategy


of people say that companies must not only say a product or service is beneficial, but they need to prove it

Cone Communications


of research shows solid ESG practices result in better operational performance

Oxford University and Arabesque Partners


of people said that building trust should be the highest priority for businesses

Edelman Trust Barometer, 2018