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Gain a competitive edge in a world that is demanding transparency. We help to successfully communicate your sustainability and impact story.

Intro to Seismic's Communications offerings with Olivia Hill

Sustainable storytelling through strategic messaging.

Our communications experts authentically build confidence and clarity for your stakeholders. We draw out the stories and narratives that matter, making sure your communications are credible, authentic and resonate with the right people.

Seismic’s communications service was built on an existing platform of technical sustainability advisors. This is the only way to credibly deliver communications and eliminate the risk of greenwashing.

Together, we create positive change and communicate your impact.



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Enabling your business to create a reputational legacy.

Seismic is built on a strong platform of technical sustainability experts, enabling us to connect communications with performance, and turn your most demanding stakeholders into your biggest supporters.

We align your sustainability strategy with your brand identity and business goals, to deliver more impact and value through transparent, strategically implemented communications.

We understand the demands of your stakeholder groups, from shareholders, press, employees, investors and supply chain. Together, we’ll ensure your team can confidently communicate, setting your organisation apart and making every step in your journey count, with compelling messaging and design that brings your impact to life.


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We know this is a complex subject, we want to make it simple to execute. Get in touch to speak with an expert.


Monica Vinader

“Seismic has offered Monica Vinader invaluable expertise and guidance as we further our sustainability journey. Our 2023 report is by far the most comprehensive and impressive we’ve ever published, and the Seismic team’s dedication and commitment to delivering this work was unwavering.”

Olivia Canham, Sustainability Manager


“Working with Seismic this year has been a game-changer. They provided the clarity we needed to effectively communicate our sustainability journey through internal communications and our first ever impact report, bringing a deep understanding of our unique needs combined with a human-first approach. Thanks to Seismic, we’ve secured crucial support for our ambitious goal of becoming a B Corp, and we’re energised to keep going beyond, for people and planet.”

Vanessa De Waele, Group Sustainability & Legal Director


“With Seismic’s unique combination of B Corp consultancy, materiality and communications expertise, we’ve confidently navigated the complex ESG landscape enough to have influence on the ways our portfolio companies work.”

Liv Simpson, Client Services & Strategy


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What is sustainability communications?

Purposeful and strategic storytelling that shares an organisation’s environmental, social and governance efforts, with evidence and without any greenwashing. Sustainability communications services include messaging, impact reporting, ESG literacy, PR and creative design, company purpose and mission, pillar strategies, and tailored content to engage and inspire internal and external audiences.

How does B Corp Certification help to drive my comms strategy?

More investors are incorporating purpose-driven agendas and ESG criteria into their investment decisions. Coupled with the growing public demand for legal accountability and transparency from businesses and 70% of employees seeking purposeful work, becoming a B Corp evidences your mission to make a positive impact.

Should I create an annual impact report?

An impact report is a really powerful way to communicate your current and intended impact to the stakeholders your business depends on. It effectively articulates and documents your sustainability efforts, demonstrating tangible progress on key issues and building transparency, accountability and trust. It is also a requirement for any certified B Corp and is increasingly seen as a best practice approach to sustainability reporting.

Will my communications approach help with employee engagement and attraction?

Outstanding sustainability performance and communication is intrinsically linked to business success. Those who find meaning in their work are more engaged, display stronger resilience and will go above and beyond for their employer.

An external commitment to sustainability also has a substantial impact on organisational growth. Between 2018 and 2021, B Corps saw a 15% headcount growth rate vs the national average of only 1% (B Lab UK Community Survey ’21).

Successfully communicating your sustainability journey will boost talent attraction and retention resulting in a more engaged workforce.


Your team of sustainability consultants

Olivia Hill

Olivia Hill

Head of Sustainability Communications

Liz Naven

Liz Naven

Senior Sustainability Communications Manager

Tamlyn Duncan

Tamlyn Duncan

Sustainability Communications Consultant

Matt Beese

Matt Beese

Head of Design


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