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Helping businesses to prosper by becoming increasingly impactful and influential forces for good.

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As a Certified B Corp we’re proud to join a global movement of over 5,000 businesses working to be a force for good. Seismic was built on the principles of B Corp and we use it as an ongoing framework for change, leading the shift for ourselves and for our clients.

About B Corp

B Corps are part of a movement to create a new type of economic model: a shift from the belief that the sole purpose of a business is to maximise shareholder profits to the belief that a business must create value for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment.

Our B Corp journey

We became a Certified B Corp in March 2022 with a score of 99. Our goal is to score 125 upon recertification.

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Lead the shift - Seismic

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Our annual Impact Report allows us to look back and reflect on what we’ve achieved, be transparent about our impact and hold ourselves to account. We’ve had some pretty Seismic moments – read our story so far.

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Making an Impact


# of people we’ve helped work for companies on a mission to improve their impact


# of clients we’ve helped to certify or recertify in their first round of B Corp verification


# of B Leaders we’ve helped to train


# of clients supported on ESG strategy

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