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Your business and its stakeholders are demanding that sustainability is managed as a core strategic subject. We have helped hundreds of businesses overcome this challenge.  

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Seismic knows that business and sustainability strategies are inseparable.

They drive each other to collectively deliver impact and ambitions. We partner with you to make that happen.

We know that a strategy on paper is nothing without the insights, engagement and buy-in from your teams, and we have decades of experience in achieving this.

We care as much about your culture, level of ambition and core business as you do, and this allows us to ensure that building or developing your sustainability strategy is an energising and value creating process. 



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Creating measured environmental and social change through commercially viable frameworks.

Our sustainability strategists combine your business goals with the value opportunity of social and environmental impact.

The unique combination of experience from multiple disciplines across our team enables us to optimise your business and sustainability ambitions, moving at the pace you need to ensure long term, future-proof success.

Using a tailored approach, we assess your current sustainability performance in relation to your ambitions to create a robust and fully deliverable action plan.

As your partner, we are an extension of your team, driving your sustainability performance forward through bespoke strategic implementation that enables your business to create lasting change.


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and make the shift

We know this is a complex subject, we want to make it simple to execute. Get in touch to speak with an expert.


James and James Fulfilment

“Seismic has helped to distil a complex topic and create a digestible Sustainability Strategy so we can be clear on the outcomes we want to achieve and how to action them. They’ve been an amazing partner, driving us forward and providing us with support to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.”

Emma Dempsey, CEO, James and James Fulfilment

Lily's Kitchen

“Seismic’s Materiality Assessment provided brilliant insights and will become the foundational building blocks for our sustainability strategy. It lets us see where we can focus our attention and resources. Thank you.”

Georgina Cameron, Human Resources Director, Lily’s Kitchen


“Our partnership with Seismic has been transformative. Their expertise and guidance in strengthening our sustainability policies and integrating ESG practices have driven our mission to make private equity kind and curious for all stakeholders.”

Liv Simpson, Client Services & Strategy, Tenzing


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What is a sustainability strategy?

A sustainability strategy is a vehicle for change, a business model that prioritises responsible and sustainable decision-making and serves as a framework to translate aspiration into action. It connects where you are now, to your ambition.

More than that, an effective sustainability strategy integrates with your core business strategy, with the two initiatives working together towards a joint vision.

Why is a sustainability strategy so important?

Implementing a sustainability strategy is vital for organisations because it aligns business practices with environmental and social responsibility and ethical governance. A sustainable business increases business resilience and the attractiveness of your business for both clients, talent and investors, future-proofing your business for the long term.

What are the key components of a robust sustainability strategy?

The following practices are key to building an informed, robust sustainability strategy:

  1. Accountability: ensuring a commitment to responsible ethical practices
  2. Engagement: two-way communication with internal teams and external stakeholders
  3. Ambition: having a clear vision of how your strategy aligns with your business ambitions
  4. Resilience: managing risk proactively whilst adhering to best practice
  5. Momentum: using a roadmap to focus on the next steps
  6. Impact: understanding how the strategy maximises your sustainability impact

I am keen to create a sustainability strategy, where do I start?

To create a robust, informed sustainability strategy, follow these three key steps:

  1. Measure your baseline: The first step on the road to having an effective strategy is to understand your current sustainability performance. With a holistic overview, we assess where you currently are and where you can achieve quick wins versus what areas of the business will require longer implementation.
  2. Clarifying ambition: Articulate and refine your business’s mission, vision, and purpose to set sustainability goals. This helps to gain buy-in from the Board and leadership team, by considering what is important and relevant to senior leadership, helping to prioritise and move forward.
  3. Create a roadmap that supports the creation of an action plan and targets: Resourcing and funding need consideration, alongside distributing team accountability. This is all within the project management of getting the strategy into action, an essential step to support engagement with your largest team of stakeholders, ensuring shared responsibility.


Your team of sustainability consultants

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis

Cofounder & CEO

Ali Perry

Ali Perry

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Andy Schmidt

Andy Schmidt

Cofounder and Chief Community Officer

Jemma Willins

Jemma Willins

Sustainability Consultant


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