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The B Corp framework provides the most valuable route to holistic environmental and social excellence. We have helped over 700 businesses to succeed.

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Seismic is one of the world’s leading B Corp advisory teams.

Providing best impact, stakeholder returns, customer relationships, investor attraction and talent retention, we use the B Corp framework to create business value from the outset.

52% of businesses fail on their first attempt to certify as a B Corp, whilst 100% of our clients we’ve helped through the framework have certified on their first attempt. Our approach allows your teams to minimise their time input, staying close to the whole process for maximum learning.

We excel in B Corp because we bring together sustainability strategists, communication consultants and carbon experts to extract the most value in the least amount of time, enabling your business to succeed through commercial and environmental activation.



B Corp


Achieving impactful change at pace, we work with your team to create lasting value.

Many of our clients choose to use B Corp to build a robust and effective sustainability strategy, whilst others are on the road to certify. Regardless of your ambitions, any time we need from your team is minimised and put to best effect, ensuring your business extracts the most value from the process.

As one of the world’s leading B Corp advisors, our partnership with B Lab Europe means that we’re close to the routes of the movement. With a number of our analysts working in house at B Lab, guiding companies through evaluation, we intimately understand the process from start to finish. 

As your sustainability partner, our experts uncover what B Corp means to your business, and how you can approach it in a meaningful and impactful way.


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“We’ve been really fortunate to work with Seismic as part of our B Corp and Net Zero journey. Sustainability isn’t a project with a start and end point, rather it’s a way we have to do business.”

Natalie Deacon, Director Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Avon International


“Seismic has been an integral part in embedding our B Corp efforts and our certification success.”

Karina O’Gorman, European Head of Force for Good, innocent Drinks

Dash Water

“Seismic has supported DASH to create a clear roadmap to achieve our dream outcome of becoming a more impactful business. Their expertise has guided us across a range of complex social and environmental issues, helping us to confidently work at pace. As a result we feel in a good position to improve our BIA score ahead of B Corp re certification later this year.”

Jack Scott, Co-founder, DASH Water


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How can my organisation become a B Corp?

To become a certified B Corp, a for-profit business must demonstrate high social and environmental performance by achieving a B Impact Assessment score of 80+. This involves implementing a sustainability strategy, meeting legal requirements and B Lab verification.

What is the B Impact Assessment (BIA)?

It’s a free, confidential online assessment tool businesses must complete in order to become a B Corp. A company must achieve a minimum of 80 points to certify (at Seismic, we suggest a minimum of 85 points). The assessment is completely private to your business until you press submit, and enables companies to measure, manage, and improve their business impact.

How long does it take to become B Corp Certified?

The certification and verification process length varies based on company size and complexity. A small/medium size company could take around 6-8 months, larger multinationals may take longer. Your B Lab application review time depends on how well prepared you are.

Does working with B Corps in your supply chain help your own B Corp scoring?

The B impact Assessment does ask questions about your supply chain, and by choosing B Corp certified suppliers, your score will be positively impacted. However, even if your supplier isn’t B Corp certified, it is still very valuable to work with them to become one. If your business works with its suppliers, providing incentives to become a B Corp, you are eligible to earn additional points on the BIA, creating a wider positive impact as a result.


B Corp Guide


Are you Ready to B Corp?

Find out if your company is ready to start its B Corp journey and read our top tips for a successful certification. In this guide, discover:

  • The benefits of certification
  • 6 key steps to get started
  • Examples from leading B Corps
  • 5 actions you can take right now



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