Progressing iconic medicines for patient health globally.

Pharmanovia develop their own innovative medicines as well as acquire trusted medicines andiconic brands, into which they breathe new life. Acting responsibly sits at the heart ofeverything they do. They believe this serves society best and is essential for their continuedsustainable growth and longterm success.

Driven by their investors, Pharmanovia wanted help to calculate and report on their full Scope 13 carbon footprint within a very tight deadline.

Meaningful carbon reporting in a hurry


Pharmanovia had taken the first steps in calculating their scope 1 and 2 emissions but they wanted to go beyond that, surpassing their competitors. Due to the nature of their business, the majority of their emissions come from their supply chain, so any meaningful reporting of emissions would need to include this bigger picture. They were looking to calculate their full carbon footprint and wanted to do so in a quick time frame in order to include it in their annual report and keep their investors satisfied – the pressure was on.

“Seismic were the partners we needed to keep us ahead of the curve. Their meaningful support and advice helped us to achieve great outcomes, just when we needed them the most.”

– Rebecca Kops, Head of ESG & Compliance

Expert advice and quality data, to forge the pathway to net zero

Pharmanovia are trailblazers, forging the way in medical and product innovations. They needed to move quickly to stay ahead of the game and wanted a sustainability partner with the expertise and drive to match their pace and quality.

Opportunities for emissions reductions were identified, which include switching from air to sea freight and influencing more procurement of renewable energy. With these come opportunities for cost savings too.

Pharmanovia found a partner in Seismic that delivered high quality, at pace. They are now informed and more engaged than ever to drive carbon savings for the business.

Acting fast is vital, Pharmanovia are leading the charge

With a thorough calculation of Pharmanovia’s carbon footprint delivered, it is clear that carbon drivers sit in their supply chain. Scope 1 and 2 emissions – the only scopes being reported by many of their competitors – amount to less than 1% of the emissions for this type of business – which is where Scope 3 comes in.

With both initial projects delivered in the required short time span, Seismic continue to work in partnership with Pharmanoiva on their broader Net Zero Strategy. An action tracker tool has been set up, keeping the momentum up in Pharmanovia’s carbon reduction journey and getting them ready for the next chapter.

Pharmanovia’s employee ambassadors are engaged and empowered. ESG performance is ensured with all employees given ESG objectives in their role descriptions. A focus for 2022 on tracking performance has aligned the personal values of Pharmanovia employees and their work.

With a business model built around zero waste, a global reach, strong principles and partnerships, plus projects already scoped, including an ESG scorecard for suppliers, Pharmanovia are brilliantly placed to achieve a seismic shift!

“It has been a real pleasure working with Joe and the team. From the start, Seismic were able to take really complex concepts and translate them into a language that we could understand, providing invaluable advice, identifying innovative pathways and opportunities for Pharmanovia to pursue.”

– Rebecca Kops, Head of ESG & Compliance


of carbon emissions fall within scope 1 & 2


of the workforce volunteer on ESG committees


formal accountability of C-Suite and all reports for ESG

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