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An aspiring B Corp, boxxe uses the B Corp Assessment tool to help them deliver on their sustainability aims

investing in and protecting the environment, creating habitable workspaces and guaranteeing that the digital transformation they deliver is sustainable.

Digital technology specialists, boxxe’s mission is to give every person, wherever they are in the world, confidence to use technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness in their work.


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B Corp   +   Net Zero

IT & Technology
150+ Employees


“Data capture was a real, real challenge…it was a collaborative piece of work, it’s working with all the different departments that gathered this information.

Gavin McAuley
Health & Safety Officer at boxxe


Capturing meaningful data to mitigate environmental impacts

boxxe’s key environmental goal is to achieve Net Zero by 2030. As a first step in achieving this, it was critical for boxxe to first calculate its current emissions.

boxxe had made progress in understanding their Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon footprint – their direct and indirect emissions associated with energy consumption – but also they wanted to understand their Scope 3 impact from emission sources outside of their direct control. This in turn would require intelligence and data collection from their supply chain.

boxxe were still learning and estimating their emissions, but they lacked the quality of data needed for a more granular understanding and to meet the tight deadlines for publishing their Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) table in their Annual Report.


“The next challenge was making the necessary calculations, using the different conversion factors. This is where Seismic really helped us to achieve what we were doing.“

Gavin McAuley
Health & Safety Officer at boxxe


Streamlining data capture for a quicker, smoother reporting process

boxxe implemented new tools and approaches that made impact reporting a quicker, smoother process, helping to efficiently capture and process their data.

Seismic supported boxxe in understanding what data to collect, who to contact, and how to present it in the correct way.

boxxe use the B Corp Assessment tool to track their overall improvement year on year.

Processing their emissions data, and obtaining their estimated B Corp Assessment score, helped boxxe to understand which issues were critical and led to decisive action towards achieving their ambitions. Once they have completed the required improvements, boxxe will submit their assessment for evaluation, hoping to achieve B Corp certification.


“It’s taken us from not knowing [what our data looked like] to having our carbon emissions data and a B Corp Assessment baseline, and taking the next steps forward as a business, showing our improvement year on year. It’s been great working with Seismic, so thank you to the team!”

Gavin McAuley
Health & Safety Officer at boxxe


Using quality data to monitor and manage emissions in the race to Net Zero

boxxe honed their emissions data collection processes and are now gathering reliable data on a monthly basis. This allows boxxe to perform quarterly reviews and track their emission reduction performance, monitoring for spikes and trends over time.

For example, boxxe now reports market-based emissions, alongside location-based emission calculations. They also record data around energy consumption, as well as water usage and waste disposal.

Seismic’s support facilitated an efficient review of carbon data, gave confidence to the outputs and enabled boxxe to report significant carbon reductions across their business.

boxxe have now been able to plan strategic actions to manage their annual emissions. For example, they worked with their IT and professional services teams to put the air conditioners for their server rooms under less pressure and use them much more efficiently. They have also installed low water toilets and taps, and use automatic lights.


increase in renewable electricity coverage (vs 2020)


reduction in Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions per employee


absolute reduction (vs 2020)


of B Corp Assessment answers reviewed, as a sample, 2.5 points added

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