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DASH Water

How Seismic supported DASH Water on its journey towards sustainable impact

DASH Water is a ‘refreshing’ disruptor and challenger brand in the beverage industry.

Its playful branding makes it stand out and supports its values to find magnificence in the mundane. DASH produces fruit-infused, sparkling drinks made with sustainable ingredients, by using wonky fruit to help fight food waste. They add no sugar, calories or sweeteners and use fully recyclable packaging. Within three years of conception, DASH Water became a certified B Corp in 2019, leading the charge with its Wonky World View. And in 2022 it became carbon neutral.


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DASH water

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B Corp Score Pathway


Partnering with a purpose-led challenger brand to help them lead the shift and boost their B Corp score

Seismic began advising DASH in 2021 by reviewing their existing Improvement Plan ahead of their recertification in October 2023. Motivated by its team’s growth, DASH’s desire to recertify was fueled by the aim to increase its certification score by 10%.

As DASH’s headcount grew, it faced challenges in needing to meet higher standards of accountability. The B Impact Assessment score would slip without the development of existing practices. In March 2023 Seismic estimated that (all things being equal) DASH would achieve 72-78 pts, when it updated its track. Things needed to change to support DASH over the 80-point threshold.

DASH also needed to bring its supply chain and stakeholders along and would need an engagement plan to ensure it met all set goals.

Tailored Coaching DASH Water

“Seismic’s expertise has guided us across a range of complex social and environmental issues, helping us to confidently work at pace.”

Jack Scott
Co-Founder of DASH Water


Empowering DASH through a continuous improvement approach, tailored coaching, shared ownership, and commitment to growing with impact

Both parties know that maintaining B Corp status requires effort and ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. So, the partnership took this challenge head-on in an intensive three-month period.

  • Coaching for Continuous Improvement – Seismic offered tailored coaching to the DASH team, fostering engagement through conversations, workshops, and facilitating collaboration with DASH’s supply chain on social and environmental issues.
  • Graduating to a New Track – Seismic conducted a B Impact Assessment (BIA) review on the new track (with new assessment parameters) and updated DASH’s points allocation. This adjustment enabled DASH to align its initiatives with its new track requirements and priorities.
  • Identifying Quick Wins – Seismic unearthed 35 quick-win opportunities to further enhance DASH’s impact. These quick wins included improvements in financial controls, worker safety practices, diversity and inclusion management, formalising volunteering time, and enhanced ethical marketing practices. Seismic also helped DASH track these improvements, ensuring pacey progress towards their target B Corp score.

Addressing Pain Points

Seismic’s expertise and collaborative approach addressed several main pain points.

  1. Transitioning to a larger track required addressing higher accountability standards, so Seismic’s BIA review helped update points allocation accordingly.
  2. Conveying the message about ESG principles internally was complex. Seismic’s effective communication, education, and collaboration fostered a positive environment for engagement.
  3. A lack of visibility was improved through Seismic assisting DASH with access to clean data, by circulating a supply chain survey, ensuring accountability and traceability.


“Seismic supported DASH to create a clear roadmap to achieve our dream outcome of confidently boosting our B Corp score. As a result, we feel in a good position to improve our BIA score in our B Corp re-certification later this year.”

Jack Scott
Co-founder, DASH Water


The benefits of collaboration and improving ESG literacy

Through the collaborative partnership with Seismic, DASH Water exceeded its targeted progress on its ESG journey. The relationship built on trust, honesty, and shared ownership allowed DASH to focus on sustainable growth while delivering real social and environmental impact. Acknowledging vulnerabilities and knowledge gaps created improved psychological safety, enabling open proactive discussion on challenges and previously identified pain points.

  • DASH sustained its positive disruption in the industry, whilst becoming more resilient and prepared for future growth.
  • Seismic’s tailored coaching facilitated improved awareness, alignment, and ESG literacy.
  • DASH evolved their internal culture by boosting shared ownership and accountability for impact across the team, which contributed to achieving their goal of an expected 10% increase in score since certifying.
  • Overall confidence in DASH’s B Corp journey and BIA score was increased, offering peace of mind ahead of recertifying.

This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and shared ownership in driving positive change and creating long-lasting impact.


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