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Establishing Kerv as an industry-leading beacon of Sustainability

Using the power of technology for good

Kerv is a next-generation managed cloud services provider operating in the UK and India. LDC a leading UK private equity company, provided funding to enable a £30m merger of three highly complementary, cloud-based managed services businesses to form Kerv. Founded on the principle of putting teammates and customers first, their practices empower people to create innovative solutions and transform business through tech – in their own inimitable way.


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“When we started on the project we faced many obstacles and challenges. Not least having a really ambitious objective but not really know how to deliver it.”

Francis Thomas
Chief Sustainability Officer at Kerv

Rethinking the ‘everything, everywhere, all at once’ model

Kerv were clear about wanting to solidify and clarify their position as a sustainability leader in their sector, and the destination employer in the tech industry. 

In their first 3 years, Kerv hired a first-rate Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) with plans to achieve Net Zero.

Progress was being made towards meeting this high level of ambition, but Kerv’s capacity had its limits. The pace wasn’t as rapid as they wanted. They needed external expertise to help make improvement happen in the most efficient way without handing the lead over to an external partner.


“Growth comes from behaving the right way.”

Mike Ing
Co-Founder & Managing Director at Kerv

Understanding the complexity, simplifying the steps

Seismic partnered with Kerv to support their ambition to  leverage technology for good and achieve Net Zero.

For a multinational company with strong growth ambitions, building a comprehensive Net Zero strategy and action plan was a challenge. Seismic recommended rapid action, initially mapping and calculating Kerv’s Scope 1, 2 & 3 Carbon Footprint to understand which emission sources were material and should be prioritised for reduction. Having identified that purchased goods and services accounted for 94% of Kerv’s Scope 1-3 Footprint, Seismic began the process of collecting actual emission data, directly from Kerv’s suppliers. 

The percentage of suppliers with a Science-based Target in place was also calculated, and further engagement with suppliers that match Kerv’s Net Zero ambition was encouraged.

With the brilliant progress made across the business, from holistic impact management and carbon, the co-creation of Kerv’s impact report has been an opportunity to share their progress so far,  in an authentic and transparent way.


“Most of our impact for the planet is us working with our suppliers. Having conversations to help them, which they really appreciate. You can effect change beyond the limits of your own business.”

Mike Ing
Co-Founder & Managing Director at Kerv

Delivering sustainable impact improvements with alignment

By working with Seismic, Kerv developed clear alignment on their aspirations and the practicalities of the challenge. Seismic was able to advise them on the most effective approach, creating transparency and a deeper understanding of their operations and capacity to accelerate progress. Kerv increased their commitment and focus on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion, or EDI. Improving support for women to progress, reducing the disability employment gap and increasing opportunities for those with barriers to employment.

Sustainability metrics have now become core success measures of Kerv’s business. Environmental impact assessments are being put to work within operational decision-making now that Kerv understands their supply chain presents the greatest opportunity for positive impact.

I have been absolutely impressed with Kerv’s ambition in regards to redefining what success in business looks like by measuring, managing and improving their impacts on people and planet.  Equally if not more impressive is the pace at which they move towards those ambitions.  They are walking the talk and leveraging technology and business as a force for good.


Andy Schmidt, Cofounder and Chief Community Officer at Seismic



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