COP26: Less chat. More action

As COP26 events in Glasgow drew to a close, Seismic joined forces with our partners at x+why to facilitate an interactive and impactful evening of debate, discussion, and objective-setting.

There is a building desire for people wanting to feel connection with and contribute to the impact and discussions at COP. We held our own event in London as a way to facilitate this discussion for our communities.

Below are some highlights from the night.

Hear from the experts

Amy Bourbeau
Cofounder & Chief Impact Officer, Seismic

Chris Turner
Executive Director, B Lab UK

Paul Lewis
Co-founder & CEO, Seismic

Rupert Dean
Co-founder & CEO, x+why

Clover Hogan
Climate Activist, Founder & Executive Director – Force of Nature

Andy Schmidt
Co-founder & COO, Seismic

Nissy Tee
Content Creator & Founder, NT Media

Dr. Ash Brockwell
Associate Professor, London Disciplinary School

Yasha Estraikh
Associate Partner, Piper Private Equity

“The one thing that is most obvious when you come to an event like this and you see people in the B Corp movement coming together is that they all share that kind of common goal – a foundational belief that business can be used as a force for good – and that common goal to uncover the best ways that businesses can contribute to solving these big challenges.“
— Chris Turner, Executive Director at B Lab UK