B Corp for Private Equity

Driving Impact and Value Creation Through the B Corp Framework

The private equity industry is entering a new era. Prioritising Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters as business strategies begin to consider creating responsible investment policies to create increased impact and stakeholder confidence. 

How can the B Corp framework support this? 

B Corp for Professional Services - Why advisory businesses are prioritising sustainability

Learn why:

  • Robust ESG performance significantly impacts long term value and resilience.
  • Investing in ESG across private equity portfolios reduces reputational risk and increases credibility.
  • The B Corp framework is a crucial tool for the private equity sector.

Seismic pinpoint the most credible and commercially viable frameworks to bring about environmental and social change for our partners around the world. We bring together world leading B Corp, Net Zero, Communications and Reporting experts to help businesses make a Seismic change and lead the shift.

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