4 Mar 2022

Going #BehindTheB for B Corp month

By Krista Aspiras
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Every March, B Lab and the global B Corp Community join together to celebrate what it means to be a B Corp.

At Seismic we are enthusiastic changemakers and supporters of the B Corp movement. This blog will be a useful resource for companies and individuals to get a snapshot into the exciting announcements this month, whilst signposting you to some great resources.

Seismic is sharing a weekly round up of B Corp highlights and important updates throughout the month. We hope you find this resource useful!

“Behind the B”

This B Corp Month the theme is ‘Behind the B’, highlighting what makes B Corps better business. Certified B Corporations believe in creating value for all stakeholders, including shareholders but also employees and customers and the communities in which businesses operate, and the natural environment upon which we all depend.

The goal of B Corp is to create shared and durable prosperity for everyone. All throughout March, we’ll be celebrating B Corp month by showing you how the B Corp community is bringing benefit to all.

Keep reading for some great resources around questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be a B Corp?
  • How are B Corps making business a force for good?

For more information, visit B Lab’s B Corp month page.

Week 5: 22nd to 31st March 2022

Look at all that’s been achieved this month!

Whilst there aren’t any more #BehindTheB sessions please fo go check out all that was on this month and reflect on everything that has been achieved. View which sessions were put on and have a scroll through the animated B Corp gallery here.

The adventure continues…

B Corp Month has come to a close but this is just the beginning of the adventure. Becoming a B Corp is a challenging and rewarding process and it has been truly inspiring to dive headfirst into all the stories shared by certified B Corps.

The journey has just begun. As the B Corp community continues to grow, stay in touch! There’s so much content out there to explore and this month has proven B Corps love to share and chat about their sustainability journey. If you are interested in finding out more about B Corps from Seismic, please do get in touch here.

Week 4: 21st to 27th March 2022

Look out for B Corp Month Events

This month has flown by and if you havn’’t yet managed to attend any B Corp month events, there’s still time. Go check out which sessions are still to come here.

Sustainability should be on everyone’s agenda – B Corp breaking into new business spaces

This month it has been especially exciting to see an increase in voices championing B Corp as a force for good. Many within the sustainability community understand the benefits of B Corps but this month more and more ‘non-sustainable focused’ spaces are showing interest. This week Real Business, a resource for entrepreneurship and startups wrote an article educating its readers on the benefits of B Corp.

Week 3: 14th to 20th March 2022

Go check out Behind the B highlights

B Corp UK has been sharing what’s been going on this month across their Instagram page. Head over to our Behind The B highlights to find out what B Corps have been up to!

Recently certified B Corps showing us how it’s done

Green Matters have written a really great article highlighting a selection of B Corps that have implemented impactful initiatives and strategies.

For example, Solios Watches specialises in forever rechargeable watches that operate without batteries.

Where to shop more sustainably

B Corp month has been a great opportunity to see which brands are truly making a difference. If you are finishing up your skincare products and they need replacing or want to buy some snacks – these are the ethical brands for you. Marie Claire have collated a list of 24 B Corps so that you can integrate sustainable purchases into your everyday.

Week 2: 7th to 13th March 2022

Tuesday marked International Women’s Day

IWD in B Corp month was a powerful day this year. Social media came alive, drawing attention to existing struggles and inequalities whilst celebrating all that women are and do. Check out Seismic’s Linkedin post here.

B Lab wrote two blogs centred around gender equality and the world of B Corp:

Motherhood and the workplace: a conversation between two mums in the UK B Corp Community.

The B Corps breaking the bias for women everywhere

The Big Issue highlights how B Corps are a solution

This article showcases how B Corp month is about celebrating what it is to be a B Corp, raising awareness and spreading the message of how to do better business.

Mindsets are changing, and becoming a B Corp can increase competitive advantage, saleability to investors and make a company more appealing as a recruiter, whilst benefitting the planet and becoming a force for tangible good.

Read the article from the Big Issue on ‘It’s B Corp month – so what is a B Corp and why should we pay attention?

Organic Basics demonstrate vulnerability and transparency

#BehindTheB is all about showcasing the B Corp journey and how companies have got to where they are. The B Corp community is all about learning from each other to drive impact. Organic Basics have demonstrated this in the most authentic messaging – mistakes are part of the process.

Leaders in the B Corp movement have shared their impact report as a great example for others to follow. Go check it out here.

Edie’s Sustainability Leader Forum live in-person event created energy and buzz

This week, in London, Edie brought together a group of leaders in the sustainability space. Panels and keynote speakers filled 2 days of critical debate and inspiring speeches.

Unsurprisingly, B Corp was a hot topic of conversation. The growing community are shining a light on the B Corp movement, showcasing the certification as a tool to help shift towards better business.

Read more here.

Week 1: 1st March to 6th March

UK B Corp Shop – the First Ever Launched in Soho, London

B Corp announced a very exciting launch of the first B Corp shop, a space dedicated to showcasing products from the incredible B Corp Community.

The store brings together a collection of B Corp products, showcasing the leading companies that are driving change through a commitment to positive impact and continuous improvement. If you’re going to be in the London area this month, head over to 10a Rathbone Place to explore what’s inside and support your local B Corps.

Read more here.

Client Shoutout: keep an eye on some of our amazing current and previous B Corp clients

Pukka Herbs is leading the way with announcements on showing what goes on behind the scenes and some introductions to the great team behind their products.

Mindful Chef will also be celebrating this month on the great stuff that goes into being a B Corp, and why it matters.

We have so many other clients who are proud to be part of the B Corp community, so definitely keep an eye on the likes of Innocent, Lily’s Kitchen and Sipsmith Gin!

Mainstream News Shining a light on the B Corp Framework

It has been exciting to see mainstream news cover the B Corp certification and why it is just so important and beneficial for companies to improve their purpose and impact.

“This is where the B Corporation certification comes in – arguably the creme de la creme of eco-credentials”.

During this week companies have been getting involved in different ways to celebrate “behind the B”, to find out more read the article below – The Independent has also created a great list of purpose-driven companies to explore!

Read the article from The Independent on ‘The B Corp certified brands in the UK doing good for the planet and its people’.

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