13 Oct 2022

Update to the Verification Queue timing for B Corp submissions in the UK

By Seismic

We have some good news to share with any company currently in the verification queue and those looking to submit their B Impact Assessment (BIA) for verification soon. B Lab UK, the nonprofit that certifies all B Corps in the UK, recently updated its estimated timing around verification for both small and medium-sized enterprises. Get up-to-speed on their recent announcement on verification queue timings now.

Steps to B Corp cert slide

As a quick reminder, once you have submitted your BIA, with a minimum of 80 points, paid the one-off submission fee (£250) and uploaded the legal requirement (companies <50 employees) the assessment enters the review process.


The review process starts with the Evaluation stage, which begins with the Evaluation queue. Currently, the queue is up to 5 months before being able to enter Evaluation.

Once through the queue, Evaluation will take roughly a month to complete. This is where the Evaluation Analyst confirms eligibility for B Corp Certification, reviews your preliminary score and determines the most appropriate certification pathway.

B Corp FAQs

We get asked a lot of questions about B Corp. As one of Europe’s leading B Corp advisories, we like to think we have most of the answers. Check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about B Corp on our B Corp FAQs page


B Lab UK has recently confirmed that Verification Queue timing has now reduced;

  • Small Enterprise Approach  (<50 FTE & <£10m USD revenue) & Small Medium Enterprise Approach (50-250 FTE or >£10m USD revenue)
    • Once Verification Queue tasks complete, you will be assigned an analyst in 1-2 months
  • Medium Enterprise Approach (>250 FTE)
    • Once Verification Queue tasks complete, you will be assigned an analyst in 3-4 months

This will significantly reduce the overall certification process timeline for all companies on the Medium Enterprise Approach and below, and is an excellent reflection of the work B Lab UK has put in to increase internal resources and capacity to deliver certification in around 12 months or less depending on company size.

*This applies to all companies with <£50M revenue and without any addenda. If you are on an addenda, the wait time is an additional 4-6 weeks.

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