5 Apr 2023

Food & drink businesses are prioritising sustainability and standing out

By Seismic

The Food and Beverage industry has a significant environmental impact, but adopting better practices can lead to emission reductions, waste reduction, improved employee health and safety, and lower energy and water consumption.

Approximately 15% of all B Corps in the UK are in the food and beverage sector. These businesses prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility, using business as a force for good. Joining this community of changemakers can offer businesses the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment while reaping the benefits of sustainable practices.

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  • Why B Corp Certification good for F&B brands
  • Business benefits of B Corp
  • Top tips for embarking on and navigating the certification process
  • Success stories of F&B businesses thriving from certification

What is B Corp?

Becoming a certified B Corp communicates your company’s commitment to social and environmental performance. B Corps balances people, planet and profit, and the certification is a way to measure sustainability against international standards. Companies complete a free online assessment tool, the B Impact Assessment (BIA), which measures impact in five areas: Governance, Environment, Community, Customers, and Workers.

But it’s more than just a certification; it’s a framework for building an ESG strategy, a tool for continuous improvement, and a community of like-minded businesses working for a better future. It’s a commitment to a journey, not just a destination, as maintaining performance and continuous improvement are key.

Amy Bourbeau, Seismic’s Cofounder and Chief Impact Officer, says, “Certification is hard because it’s meant to motivate you to do more.”

B Corp declaration of interdependence

Setting your business apart

76% of people think business has a responsibility to people and the planet, alongside profits (B Lab UK 2020).

By becoming a certified B Corp, businesses are setting themselves apart and taking their brands beyond expectations. The B Corp certification is evidence to your investors, consumers and employees that you care about your holistic impact, which is more important than ever.

And it’s not just those you already have a relationship with that are impacted, it is helping thousands of companies attract and retain the best talent in the sector. A B Corp community survey found that the majority of applicants researched the company’s purpose in the initial application stages; 70% explicitly mentioned a company’s B Corp certification as a factor during the interview process.

If you’re a food and beverage that wants to stand out in a crowded market, joining the B Corp movement community will set you apart.

Sam from Sipsmith

Client spotlight: Sipsmith Gin

Sipsmith’s journey as a premium craft gin brand has evolved to put sustainability at its heart. They are on a mission to create the best gin in the world, for the world. They identified B Corp as the best way to help them on their impact journey and are now champions for the movement, recognising its value as a framework for change.

Read Sipsmith’s story

76% of people think business has a responsibility to people and the planet, alongside profits (B Lab UK 2020).

A star-studded community

The B Corp community is a who’s who of FMCG brands, featuring giants such as Danone, innocent Drinks and Ben & Jerry’s, to smaller or emerging companies like Dash Water and Candy Kittens, who’ve built their brands on a belief that they’re here to do good. This community is a disruptive force united in its mission to do better.

These businesses are committed to ongoing change, and the B Corp process is a continuous journey towards making the industry a more sustainable and responsible place.

B Corp Certification is good for F&B brands

  • Improved sales: The research shows that B Corp certification can lead to significant sales growth for CPG companies, making it a compelling reason to consider pursuing certification.
  • Talent attraction and retention: With a growing number of employees seeking purposeful work, becoming a B Corp can help companies attract and retain talented employees who are aligned with the company’s values and mission.
  • Building brand love: B Corp certification can help companies differentiate themselves in the marketplace and appeal to conscious consumers who prefer to buy from sustainable brands.
  • Business growth: B Corps have demonstrated higher headcount growth rates compared to the national average, indicating that certification can support overall business growth.
“The B Corp movement is, to me, a product of a general improvement in our understanding of economic behaviour. Through a greater appreciation of the real motives that drive and excite people, B Corporations provide a significant new opportunity for investors. I think they could make more profits than any other types of companies…”

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Being part of this forward-thinking, industry standard is a way to show everyone that your business wants to put purpose beyond profit. Are you ready to join this community?

Accelerate your sustainability strategy with Seismic

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