13 Mar 2024

This Way Forward: Going Beyond This B Corp Month

By Seismic

This year’s B Corp Month theme is This Way Forward, an invitation to join the journey to using business as a force for good, championing B Corp as a platform for continuous improvement. We know all progress is good, but momentum is essential to keep impact moving forward.

Our March Breakfast Briefing was a celebration of B Corp, bringing together B Corp leaders to share their experiences of B Corp, with tips and advice for getting started on the journey. Our Head of Sustainability Communications, Olivia Hill, was joined by Amy Bourbeau, Cofounder and Chief Impact Officer at Seismic, and guest speakers, Lucy Ronan, Impact Sustainability Manager at Octopus Group and Gary Lake, Supply Chain and Procurement Director at The Collective UK.

“The main reason businesses want to join the Octopus Group is because we are a B Corp. We make our values clear as we embed those practices into new companies, and it’s OK if it’s not perfect at the beginning… it’s an evolving process. We do a lot of storytelling, because every employee needs to be able to communicate what being a B Corp means to them. That’s the only way to make a culture change.”


Lucy Ronan Impact Sustainability Manager at Octopus Group

5 key takeaways from the session:

  • Diverse examples from businesses of different sizes and industries
  • How to use B Corp to keep moving forward, making continuous impact
  • Insights and tips from the Seismic community
  • Tools to embed the B Corp mission into your company culture
  • Understanding of the involvement and expected timeline of certification

Your B Corp Partner

As your partner for change, Seismic’s experts will help you understand what B Corp means for your company and how you can approach it in a meaningful and impactful way. We will get to know your business, find out where it lies on the B Corp spectrum and how you can achieve certification. Become an increasingly impactful force for good, and get in touch with our B Corp team.