Daisy Horne
Sustainability Analyst

Daisy Horne - Sustainability Analyst

Why I work for Seismic:

I work for Seismic because I am passionate about making a tangible difference. Seismic’s commitment to supporting businesses that venture beyond their comfort zones to create a positive impact aligns perfectly with my values. I firmly believe that collective effort is the key to driving positive change. What better team to embark on this journey with than the incredibly passionate, supportive, and inspiring group of change-makers at Seismic? In joining Seismic, I see an opportunity to contribute to making sustainability not just a goal, but a digestible, actionable, and accessible prospect for businesses to create value.

My experience:

I recently graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Business Management. My experience includes leading process innovations during a placement at Transport for Wales. And interning as a Supply Chain Analyst with James and James Fulfilment looking at their ESG positioning. It was during this internship that I first encountered Seismic. These experiences sparked a keen interest in sustainable supply chain management, prompting a significant shift in my career priorities. Now, I’m excited to work for a purpose-driven company and evolve into a sustainability expert, sharing the knowledge I acquire.

Some companies I’ve worked with:

James and James Fulfilment, Transport for Wales, Oak Tree Mobility

A seismic change I’d like to see in the future:

One where all businesses and consumers alike recognise the significance of operating with a purpose beyond profit. Where the norm is a collective mindfulness about our impact, and everyone actively seeks opportunities to create positive change.

Where I like to be:

I’m based in Bristol, so you can often find me walking my dog in my local park or getting a coffee with friends in one of Bristol’s lovely cafes. Otherwise I’m frequently sous chef for my more cooking inclined friends and family, or reading a good book.