Natalie Yum
Sustainability Analyst

caitlin byrne sustainability analyst

Why I work for Seismic:

Climate change is an issue close to my heart and I love the passion and dedication my colleagues at Seismic have in enacting positive and lasting change. The work at Seismic is all about advocating for better social and environmental practices to benefit both the ecosystem and its people, a sentiment I strongly resonate with.

My experience:

I graduated in 2022 from LSE’s MSc. Environmental Economics and Climate Change

Some companies I’ve worked with:

ByRotation, Timna Weber, Larissa Von Planta

A seismic change I’d like to see in the future:

Global and holistic dedication to climate change mitigation including a better informed system of carbon offsetting, infrastructure to improve air quality in cities, clear consideration of the development and environment discourse among many other things.

Where I like to be:

I enjoy spending my weekends walking my dog in Wimbledon Common or reading in a local cafe. I’m also a British-Australian dual citizen and love to visit Sydney whenever I can.