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B Corp Recertification

Recertification helps keep certified B Corps accountable to maintaining and improving their organisational impact. As one of the world’s leading B Corp advisory teams, we strategically and pragmatically support businesses in their recertification journey.

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Seismic partners with organisations to create recertification success.

B Corp recertification involves a rigorous assessment of a company’s social and environmental performance every three years. As organisations and their teams evolve over time, this can present new challenges in maintaining and improving performance and preparing for the recertification process.

We understand the complexities of recertification, Seismic partners with businesses to ensure the journey is successful, impactful and enjoyable. 

Our approach focuses on creating an updated view of how the business is performing through a B Corp lens and develops an actionable roadmap towards recertification. We strive not just to maintain your B Impact Assessment (BIA) score, but challenge and guide to significantly improve it and embed good practices in the centre of your business. This approach drives credibility and deepens organisational impact.



Seismic Workshop


With a focus on rapid guidance and empowerment, we work closely with teams to prepare for BIA submission.

Often the responsibility of the B Impact Assessment (BIA) has shifted ownership since the last certification period. Our B Corp experts provide comprehensive guidance to create a clear action plan, creating accurate and impactful change that ensures everyone is up to speed.

Getting prepared for recertification often requires a sprint to gather the required information. Our approach supports businesses to overcome this challenge, offering rapid guidance and advice to ensure clarity of direction and confidence in the required next steps in as little as six weeks.

Our partnership with B Lab Europe means we’re close to the roots of the movement, and the breadth of our experience across all sectors and business sizes, ensures a deep understanding of the recertification process and what it means for your business.


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“Seismic plays an important role in helping us to monitor and set targets to drive accountability of progress.

Karina O’Gorman, European Head of Force for Good, innocent Drinks

Dash Water

“Seismic has supported DASH to create a clear roadmap to achieve our dream outcome of becoming a more impactful business. Their expertise has guided us across a range of complex social and environmental issues, helping us to confidently work at pace. As a result we feel in a good position to improve our BIA score ahead of B Corp recertification.”

Jack Scott, Co-founder, DASH Water

Team discussion

What is the recertification time frame?

Recertifying B Corps should submit the updated B Impact Assessment a minimum of 6 months prior to the company’s recertification date. You can find your recertification due date on your dashboard when you log into the B Impact Assessment platform.

How long does it take to prepare for recertification?

We support organisations to expedite the information collection process and develop a practical recertification plan. The timeline from initiation to BIA submission can be completed in as little as six weeks.

What BIA points uplift should an organisation aim for?

When embarking on the recertification process, it is crucial to establish a clear goal. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your BIA score by 10%, or maintain a minimum of 80 points, defining this objective is paramount for strategic planning. Developing a timeline is equally essential to ensure timely completion of tasks and internal milestones, facilitating a smoother recertification process.

How can organisational changes be reflected within the BIA?

We have collaborated with many companies across a wide range of industries to assist in their recertification process. Seismic is well-versed in the relevant questions and criteria, enabling us to promptly pinpoint any fluctuations in your score and determine the underlying reasons. Whether you require monitoring for changes, have experienced substantial growth, or expanded internationally, our guidance ensures an accurate portrayal of your organisation’s advancements and evolution within the BIA.


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