23 Nov 2023

B Corp Submission With Confidence: Seismic’s BIA Review

By Seismic
B Corp Certification

So you’re ready to submit your B Corp assessment  – congratulations! This is an incredibly proud moment for any business. Reaching 80 points on the B Impact Assessment (BIA) takes significant evidence gathering work in the short term and, most importantly, long term effort to improve your business practices for positive impact. 

Before you hit “submit” – reduce the risk of being unsuccessful on your first attempt, with an expert review of your BIA. 

52% of companies do not achieve B Corp certification on their first attempt.

100% of clients Seismic supports through their certification journeys certify on their first attempt.

Getting an expert pair of eyes on your BIA is often a good idea. Not only can this help you to avoid disappointment, it can also help to reduce unexpected delays on your journey to celebrating being a certified B Corp. 

You can read more here about the common pitfalls that prevent companies from achieving B Corp certification on their first attempt. This is where Seismic’s Pre-Submission Rapid Review service comes in. The Seismic team deliver exactly what you need to be able to proceed with confidence. The engagement and level of support is tailored to leverage your work to date and your capacity. Seismic acts as a trusted advisor, sounding board and critical friend – either stepping in to lead the process or staying in the wings to support you, ensuring:

  • Any final gaps or mistakes are flagged before submission
  • Confidence in your final BIA score and submission process
  • Avoidance of surprises, leveraging the expertise of B Corp advisors at the submission stage

The Process of a BIA Review

    The BIA review is designed to be rapid, succinct and thorough to progress you forward at pace. Seismic hosts a workshop series, working through your BIA in a condensed time period to; 

    • Give you confidence in final submission score 
    • Carry out an expert, final check on your submission 
    • Identify & rectify red flags ahead of submission

    Submit with Confidence

    At Seismic, 100% of our clients have achieved certification on their first application. If you would like support from Seismic, we’d love to hear from you – get in touch with us today.