1 Nov 2021

The world’s first Net Zero Standard has launched!

By Inge Hertzog
indoor rainforest

Last week, the SBTi launched the world’s first framework for businesses to set net zero targets that are in line with climate science, limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C.

This is a historic moment because it clarifies and solidifies the fact that decarbonisation needs to be core to net zero strategies. Without the Standard, global progress towards net zero was being severely hindered by ambiguity, confusion and well-intentioned below par commitments.

You can read more about the Net Zero Standard on the SBTi’s page, here. Using the SBTi’s guidance and tools will enable your company to set a verified net-zero target that is in line with climate science.

The B Corp Climate Collective helps to mobilise the B Corp Community towards net zero, and 900+ companies have pledged to date.

The Standard enables companies to set near- and long-term decarbonization plans and ultimately to help to ensure a habitable planet for us all. Key requirements for businesses include:

  1. Focus on rapid, deep emission cuts to value-chain emissions
  2. Set near- and long-term science based targets
  3. No net-zero claims until long-term targets are met
  4. Go beyond the value chain

The Net-Zero Standard is intended for corporates with more than 500 employees that wish to commit to setting net-zero targets through the SBTi.

Get in touch if you’d like our help – check out Seismic’s Net Zero and B Corp services.