17 Jun 2022

Our first year of impact

By Paul Lewis
Lead the shift - SEISMIC

We’re thrilled to be releasing our first-ever Impact Report.

As a company, Seismic’s purpose is to help change society and fix our planet, and we believe business has a pivotal role and responsibility in leading the way to make this happen.

Our impact report reflects on our first chapter as we work to help companies lead the shift, and offers a glimpse into our plans for the year ahead.

We are here to help as many people and organisations as possible find their piece of the puzzle, to collaborate, to innovate and to implement the solutions for a just, low-carbon world. There is much to be done and no time to waste – we must be seismic!

Why an impact report?

We’re committed to producing an annual Impact Report because we want to be transparent about our impact and use it as a way to hold ourselves to account. It provides an opportunity for us to reflect honestly on the past year – to look at the goals we set ourselves, celebrate what we’ve achieved and identify where we need to focus our efforts moving forward.

Our team is in an incredible position to pave the way and lead the example for other businesses, and our impact report is one way of keeping ourselves accountable to our community and ourselves.

As my colleague and fellow Cofounder, Andy Schmidt, put it, “As passionate advocates for sustainable and social change and leaders in the impact space, we have the opportunity to shape how we nurture and support the communities that purpose-driven brands and professionals seek so that, together, we can tackle the challenges we collectively face.”

Key highlights

B Corp celebration

Since Seismic was launched in March 2021, we’ve celebrated some pretty seismic moments! Here are some of the highlights we share in the report:

  • 2.4x team growth
  • 184 B Leaders trained
  • We became a certified B Corp in March 2022 with a score of 99
  • 100% of our clients who we’ve helped to certify or recertify have been successful in their first round of verification and have scored higher than their target
  • 100% of employees who responded to our employee engagement survey are proud to work at Seismic

Targets and works in progress

As a young company, there’s still lots of work to be done. As we tell our clients, continuous improvement lies at the heart of the B Corp movement; we will never stop working to improve. With that in mind, we have set some ambitious impact goals for 2022 and beyond, including:

  • Setting a Science-Based Target in 2022 as part of our Net Zero strategy
  • Convening an internal DEI working group in 2022
  • Creating Personal Development Plans (PDPs) and Personal Wellbeing Plans (PWPs) for every Seismic employee in 2022
  • Creating a space for our community to connect, learn and grow
  • 125 – Our target B Corp score upon recertification in 2025

Read our Impact report: Lead the shift

I invite you to read through our impact report and join me in reflecting on and celebrating the accomplishments we’ve made in our first year. We also share Seismic’s plans for the years ahead. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to achieve and of the fact that we’re already making impactful gains in 2022.

Now more than ever that there is opportunity and responsibility for business to lead the shift. At international, national, organisational and personal levels, we need a seismic change. Let’s get to it.

Looking back and looking forward

We’ve doubled in size over the last year and I truly believe that our people are what make this business thrive. Their commitment to helping us change society and fix our planet allows Seismic to scale its impact and work towards achieving our mission. We’re honoured to be a part of this community of change makers, which includes our clients who are inspiring examples of responsible businesses leading the shift. Thank you to everyone who joins us on this journey!

The entire crew at our 1st annual Seismic Summit, May 2022

The entire crew at our 1st annual Seismic Summit, May 2022