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We help private equity firms and their portfolio companies to create value and impact through ESG performance.

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Partnering with firms and their portfolios to lead sustainable transformation.

It takes a deep understanding of the Private Equity landscape in conjunction with knowledge of the rapidly evolving ESG risks and opportunities to move the dial for Private Equity. Seismic has just that.

The prize for your commercial and impact performance in getting this right is significant, but we know you are time poor, with high expectations around performance and need support to make the link between ESG performance and value creation.

This is why we partner with Private Equity firms to provide end-to-end support through the investment lifecycle.



Measuring ESG performance

Conducting pre and post investment ESG due diligence baselines using relevant frameworks to identify the risks and opportunities for value creation.


Value creation through ESG

Creating a tangible strategic plan across the breadth of ESG, aligned with an effective carbon, reporting and communication strategy to meet LP, SFDR and UNPRI expectations and more.


Unlocking the ESG Premium

Creating ESG integrated exit strategies and sell-side due diligence, effectively qualifying value creation across the investment lifecycle, reducing liquidity risks and improving portfolio company’s attractiveness on exit.


Seismic Workshop


Achieving impactful change at pace, we work to create lasting value.

With a unique combination of experience from multiple disciplines across our team, we are in the best position to optimise measured environmental and social change through commercially viable frameworks and create lasting value.

As your strategic partner, we support you throughout the fund and investment cycle, helping you to mitigate risk, capitalise on opportunities and meet regulatory and limited partner expectations with ease and confidence.


Partner with Seismic
and make the shift

We know this is a complex subject, we want to make it simple to execute. Get in touch to speak with an expert.



“Our partnership with Seismic has been transformative. Their expertise and guidance in strengthening our sustainability policies and integrating ESG practices have driven our mission to make private equity kind and curious for all stakeholders.”

Liv Simpson, Client Services & Strategy, Tenzing

Piper Private Equity

“We really appreciate the time and effort from Seismic in the sessions delivered for our portfolio representatives. For example, the team provided one of the clearest and most in-depth looks at the different carbon commitment levels Piper have seen – we are confident our brands will have found this and the other insights very useful.”

Georgia Jones, Marketing and Sustainability Manager, Piper Private Equity


“We are seeing an increasing investor focus on ESG, and have found B Corp to be a valuable way for our portfolio companies to understand and improve their impact. When working with Seismic, our portfolio has the opportunity to learn from their B Corp expertise, and identify ways to proactively approach ESG and develop long term resilience.”

Alex Bexon, ESG Director, LDC

Team discussion

What are the main areas of value creation?

The areas of value creation can vary depending on the objectives of each organisation. At Seismic, we see the most common areas to be:

Authentic brand value increase. The companies we work with win more business, as their brand is aligned to sustainability elements. In B2B, this results in more work with businesses that have deeper sustainability credentials. In B2C, more products and services are sold due to the rise in conscious-consumerism. As a result, the revenues of the companies we work with are higher.

Talent retention and attraction. Through heightened ESG credentials and purpose-driven communications, businesses have the ability to recruit and retain talent that are more motivated and connected to the business ambitions.

Investors. With an intertwined business and sustainability strategy, businesses are open to a larger pool of investors for future funding rounds. This leads to better valuations and value creation opportunities.

How do you leverage the B Corp framework in your work with PE firms?

The B Corp framework covers 5 impact areas – environment, governance, customers, workers and community. In using the BIA as the foundation for a holistic sustainability plan, we bring a common language that over 250,000 organisations are using to deliver strategic sustainability initiatives and ESG work, enabling firms to work faster with less cost.

Do you look for positive value generation as well as risk screening?

The level of ESG due diligence and risk screening varies depending on a firm’s objectives. Some apply risk screening at a basic level for negative or excluding factors, whilst others are looking to understand what impact potential is possible.

We have found that more and more firms are shifting away from due diligence being purely about risk screening from an ESG point of view, instead focusing on current positive impact opportunities. This incorporates impact potential, goals and KPI targets for that company to achieve, and also extends to Article 9 funds – those with a sustainable investment or carbon reduction as an objective. 

How do you provide your services for time-poor management teams?

We ensure that every minute spent with management is put to great effect, that it’s engaging and impactful. All of the work that can be done behind the scenes is, so that we are able to show up and add value when using the precious time of management teams.


B Corp Guide


Download our guide for driving value creation through the B Corp framework:

In this industry-tailored report, learn how:

  • Robust ESG performance significantly impacts long term value and resilience.
  • Investing in ESG across private equity portfolios reduces reputational risk and increases credibility.
  • The B Corp framework is a crucial tool for the private equity sector.



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