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We help the food and drink industry implement sustainable change and positive impact at every step of the value chain.

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Providing a clear pathway to positive impact and sustainability for food and drink organisations.

Seismic simplifies the challenges around sustainable sourcing, waste reduction, and social responsibility.

The food and drink industry shoulders a huge responsibility, contributing heavily to global carbon emissions, whilst being one of the sectors most vulnerable to climate change’s devastating impacts on crops, supply chains, workers and operations.

We partner with food and drink brands to mitigate these risks, such as reducing your environmental footprint and improve your social impact across the entire value chain. Together, we can create lasting positive change.


Sustainability in food and drink


Creating long-term social, environmental and commercial value through impactful change.

As your sustainability partner, we ensure every actionable step extracts maximum value, allowing your business to make meaningful sustainability strides without slowing down. 

We understand the unique challenges faced in trying to achieve sustainability in the food and drink industry. Our team of sustainability experts include former industry insiders, with first-hand insights into your day-to-day operations, enabling us to  provide practical, positive solutions that create lasting impact.


Partner with Seismic
and make the shift

We know this is a complex subject, we want to make it simple to execute. Get in touch to speak with an expert.


innocent Drinks

“We use [the BIA] as a framework to identify how we can do better in all areas of our business, and Seismic has been an integral part in embedding our B Corp efforts and our certification success.”

Karina O’Gorman, European Head of Force for Good, innocent Drinks


“Working with the Seismic team has been an outstanding experience. In addition to providing a unique breadth and depth of sustainability expertise, they embody what it means to be a purpose led business by continually looking for ways to help Sipsmith accelerate its own sustainability journey while creating value for the business.”

Sam Galsworthy, Co-founder, Sipsmith

Lily's Kitchen

“Seismic’s Materiality Assessment provided brilliant insights and will become the foundational building blocks for our sustainability strategy. It lets us see where we can focus our attention and resources.”

Georgina Cameron, Human Resources Director, Lily’s Kitchen

Food and Drink Sustainability FAQs

How do you address supply chain challenges?

Supply chain sustainability is a huge concern for the food and drink industry. We work closely with our clients to develop strategies for engaging suppliers, ensuring ethical and environmentally responsible practices at every step of the supply chain.

How can we ensure internal buy-in and drive company-wide change?

Achieving sustainable change always requires collaboration across all departments. Our team can support you to change management strategies, develop internal communication strategies, and help sustainability take root into your company’s operations and culture.

Can you help us with customer messaging and impact reporting?

Absolutely. Communicating sustainability in the food and drink industry transparently and credibly is essential. Our communications experts help you to produce engaging impact reports and craft compelling messaging for your customers, investors, and other stakeholders, ensuring you’re communicating with authenticity, accountability and honesty.


B Corp Guide


Download our B Corp for Food and Drink Guide

In this industry-focused report, discover:

  • The benefits of becoming a B Corp for the food and drink sector.
  • 4 areas where food and drink companies can make an impact.
  • Why you should join the hundreds of food and drink companies using the B Corp framework for their sustainability strategy.



Some of our sector team

Jemma Willins

Jemma Willins

Sustainability Consultant

Asia Hamdorff

Asia Hamdorff

Carbon Consultant

Amy Bourbeau

Amy Bourbeau

Cofounder and Chief Impact Officer

Caitlin Byrne

Caitlin Byrne

Sustainability Consultant


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