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We help the professional services industry use sustainability as a competitive edge to meet rising stakeholder expectations.

Professional Services

Driving growth for professional services by building resilience and opportunity through sustainability.

With talent demands and client expectations intensifying, professional service companies face mounting pressure to step up their environmental and social sustainability performance. Seismic simplifies this challenge, by realising the clear link between purpose, impact and business success.

Your clients are scrutinising their suppliers’ sustainability credentials more than ever before. Employees are seeking employers whose values truly stand out. We future-proof professional services firms through the fast-changing sustainability landscape, turning environmental and social progress into a competitive edge.


Professional Services


We understand the complex matrix professional services firms operate in, and provide practical solutions that drive lasting positive impact.

Simplifying the complexities of the sustainability landscape, we create practical, actionable strategies that enhance your core service offerings and create new revenue streams.

Our cross-sector experience brings a unique perspective where you need it most. We partner with your business to help them transform sustainability into a powerful sales driver with commercial value.


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Blick Rothenberg

“Knowledge is one thing, but helping businesses such as ours utilise and put that knowledge into the heart of the business is a deeper challenge. Seismic has ably delivered on this and as a result we are excited to continue our journey with an ambition to become a certified B Corp.”

Nimesh Shah, CEO at Blick Rothenberg

Ignition Law

“In the course of working with Seismic to explore B Corp Certification we have started to explore a fantastic network, made up of decent like-minded people at various stages of their own B Corp journey, with whom we have formed new working relationships and some of whom have become clients in their own right.”

Helen Lucas, Partner & Sustainability Lead


“It’s taken us from not knowing [what our data looked like] to having our carbon emissions data and a B Corp Assessment baseline, and taking the next steps forward as a business, showing our improvement year on year. It’s been great working with Seismic, so thank you to the team!”

Gavin McAuley, Health & Safety Officer

Professional Services

How can I respond to client demands around sustainability?

We work to understand your specific ambition paired with your client’s needs. From there, we develop a plan to bridge any gaps in your capabilities – helping you establish credibility before advising your clients. The path may include sustainability baselining, materiality assessments and stakeholder engagement in order to identify focus areas.

How do I avoid greenwashing and communicate our progress credibly?

Using recognised reporting frameworks like GRI, SASB or TCFD gives your business credibility and accountability, but it’s important that your reporting simplifies the sustainability complexities to bring stakeholders on the journey with you. We help you tell your sustainability story in relatable business terms, making it tangible and engaging.

What should I prioritise on our sustainability journey?

Priorities emerge from holding your goals up to your current sustainability performance and capabilities. Where gaps exist, we create clear roadmaps to build your firm’s capabilities through training, process improvements and internal incentives.

How long will it take and what investment is required?

Given the sheer breadth of potential needs, it’s impossible to prescribe a one-size-fits-all timeline or investment level upfront. With an open discussion to understand your specific circumstances, we partner with you for the long-term – or defined 6-12 month programs – to focus on driving lasting, sustainable value with continuous improvement.


B Corp Guide


Download our B Corp for Professional Services Guide

In this industry-focused guide, learn why:

  • Social topics such as equality and wellbeing are essential for professional services.
  • Companies are legally required to report on the sustainability credentials of their service suppliers – are you ready to be questioned by your clients?
  • You should join the hundreds of professional services companies using the B Corp framework for their sustainability strategy.



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Paul Lewis

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