Ali Perry
Senior Sustainability Consultant

Ali Perry → Sustainability Analyst

Why I work for Seismic:

I believe that Seismic has the potential to make invaluable change across the corporate world, encouraging and supporting businesses to understand the benefits of integrating sustainability strategy into their business operations. I am excited to be part of this movement, creating a better and more sustainable future.

My experience:

Having completed my Sustainability and Management MSc I have enjoyed applying my knowledge and understanding of social and environmental sustainability in a corporate setting. I have used my specialised knowledge to work on consulting projects, developing client relationships and maximising organisational benefits.

Some companies I’ve worked with:

WARP Snacks, Beamery, Spayne Lindsay, Forthglade, Beechfield, The Thinking Traveller and Rolls Royce.

A seismic change I’d like to see in the future:

Climate change disproportionately affects marginalised communities. I believe the climate emergency must be addressed using a holistic strategy that focuses on both environmental and social resolutions.

Where I like to be:

I love an adventure and enjoy exploring (especially when there’s a good sunset or scenic view). I also like to be busy, whether that’s netball, horse-riding or enjoying something creative.